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The Carolyn F. Heller Grant Award

The Carolyn F. Heller Grant, was a permanent award supported by a fund created by donations to Hillsborough Arts, and was presented annually to the top-scoring artist in the Council’s Individual Artist Grant Program. The program funded accomplished artists or those with promising potential, and provided support for specific projects that would further advance the artists’ professional growth. Passionate about public art, Carolyn F. Heller was a long-serving member of the Arts Council of Hillsborough County. She also helped establish the county’s Public Art Committee, which selects and purchases artwork for public display.

The Arts Council as it existed since 1967 as an independent organization was dissolved effective September 30, 2021.  As a result any purchases made on the Carolyn Heller Art website will now support hurricane relief in Florida.  To learn more about how to support hurricane victims, click HERE.  

Previous Carolyn F. Heller Grant Winners: 
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