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The work of artist Carolyn F. Heller has been seen frequently in catalogs and other media. Here's an overview of some of the most popular outlets.

Crate & Barrel Catalog

Crate & Barrel offers reprints that are inspired by Carolyn Heller's work.  Check out the reprints in their catalog and also check out the originals at Work #75 and Work #109.  Photo via Crate & Barrel


Christopher Kennedy

Christopher Kennedy offers furniture, decor, accessories and more. In these 2 pieces Aqua Sunset 1 & Aqua Sunset 2, based on Carolyn Heller's Work #57 & Work #73. Photo from


kate spade new york

kate spade new york included work inspired by Carolyn's art in their 2017 collection, showing how well it works into an at-home gallery, as seen in the lower right of this single wall collection.  Check out kate spade new york and the original at Work #82 Photo via kate spade new york


Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma saw the beauty of including Carolyn Heller's work in a country-style setting back in 2015.   Check out the original work at Work #78. Photo via Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma_edited.jpg


Perigold is a luxury design showroom featuring designer-trusted brands, including Wendover Art Group, which featured Carolyn Heller's painting #83 in its "Black Berry Sweet" entry Photo via Wendover Art Group.

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